We don't see
big and small enterprises.
We see only clients.

Discover what innovative solutions can improve your security
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We don't see
big and small enterprises.
We see only clients.

Discover what innovative solutions can improve your security
Special Offers


We offer a range of services at affordable prices

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Threat Assessment

We perform facility vulnerability assessments quickly, reliably and expertly, according to all applicable standards.

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System design

We design alarm systems, video surveillance systems, intercom systems as well as fire alarm systems.

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System integration

We offer complete system integration. We perform the implementation, installation and programming of a technical security system.

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System maintenance

We have extensive experience in maintaining and servicing surveillance equipment and all types of alarm systems.

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Our solutions

Video nadzor

Video Surveillance

Safe with Dahua video surveillance

We can offer you a wide range of Dahua video surveillance equipment and related system installation materials, as well as monitoring with authorized providers.

Alarmni sistemi

Alarm Systems

Rely on Paradox

All our alarm systems contain only Paradox and Bosh components. They make the best and most effective protection solution. Their quality absolutely dominates the security systems market.

Interfonski sistemi

Intercom Systems

Comelit - synonym for a quality

We offer Comelit and Teh-Tel intercoms as one of the best solutions in the video intercom market. We also incorporate reputable brands of other well-known audio intercoms.

Portivpožarni sistemi

Fire Alarm Systems

Feel relaxed with Detnov

Detnov is one of the most successful and reliable fire alarm systems in our market. They have an excellent price-quality ratio. We offer a wide range of Detnov products and systems.

All solutions
Prethodna Sledeća


We have all the necessary licenses. Licenses are issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republic of Serbia, whose list is as follows: Risk assessment in the protection of persons, property and business, Planning of the system of technical protection, Installation, commissioning and maintenance of the system of technical protection and training of users.

Only companies holding these licenses are allowed to plan, set up and maintain technical security systems such as video surveillance and alarm systems. This ensures the continuous and prescribed quality of the security systems to the applicable standards.

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